Who we Are?

Providing individually designed, energy efficient homes. Our solar passive designs are uniquely connected to the surrounding environment, ensuring a physical and visual link to the landscape from all aspects of the home. Our aim is to create a place of contentment.

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Our Services

koPLAN Building and Landscape Design provide architectural plans for new homes, additions and multi residential projects. You will be guided by a professional team with over 20 years experience to bring your dream home a reality. koPLAN strive to design energy efficient, affordable, impressive homes that incorporate the landscape design into the building design, providing a holistic approach to the development of the site.

Concept Design

koPLAN building and landscape design will use their extensive design knowledge and experience to provide a concept design that not only meets the brief, but we strive to exceed the client’s expectations. We do this by understanding in depth the client’s lifestyle and uses within the home and garden, and consequently providing a design that the client can relate to and see themselves living within. You will be provided with site plans, floor plans, elevations, and 3D representations.

Working Drawings

koPLAN prepare working drawings which are required for the construction of the project and are to be used by the builder and other trades to effectively carry out the project professionally and with maximum efficiency. The working drawings thoroughly detail all structural aspects and many requirements deemed to comply with the provisions of the National Construction Code of Australia.

Landscape Design

koPLAN provide landscape plans that are designed specifically to the site and the surrounding environment. With koPLANs’ extensive horticultural and landscape design knowledge, you will be provided a landscape plan that works with and aids to the functionality of your home. With the right use of vegetation and planting, the landscape can provide the necessary shade in summer and solar passivity in winter so that your home performs at its optimum year-round.