The Cape

The Cape has a focal courtyard and pool area, perfect for entertaining, and allows the outdoor space to be part of the building, with large sliding doors in both wings opening to the courtyard. The solar passive design with large north facing windows allow for maximum heat and light in winter. The central stone fireplace is a form of thermal mass and absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night. The large eaves allow the windows to be shaded during warmer months. While this home is visually pleasing, it is also very functionally energy efficient.

The brief here was to design a modern house where the pool could be the focal point. The result was a mid-century modern home where the pool can be seen and enjoyed from both living and bedroom wings. The house is a modest size, but with the advantage of the courtyard the living space can easily be increased.

The stone feature walls bring essence of the past mid century modern architectural period, and are an integral feature to this design.