Our Services


At koPLAN, our experienced professionals will guide you through the design process, drawing on over 23 years of expertise in building design. We take the time to listen to your brief and understand your unique lifestyle, ensuring that the design perfectly suits your family. We believe that every family is different, and no floor plans should be the same, which is why we work tirelessly to create a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally tailored to your needs.

koPLAN offer a no obligation initial consultation on site, to discuss your ideas and thoughts. Here koPLAN will provide a basic assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the site, listen to your ideas and aspirations, and throw some ideas around. It is important at this stage to assess site constraints against the budget, and discuss in general terms what is feasible within your budget. From here koPLAN will take a few days to provide you with our quote and terms and conditions for the project.

koPLAN will provide full documentation of the existing conditions on the site. This will allow the designer to have all the necessary site requirements to design appropriately to the brief.

A design consultation will be conducted in koPLAN office or over the phone, to thoroughly outline the clients’ brief. With the site survey already undertaken and documented, we can discuss the brief in detail against the site survey and see what is feasible.

koPLAN building and landscape design will use their extensive design knowledge and experience to provide a concept design that not only meets the brief, but we strive to exceed the client’s expectations. We do this by understanding in depth the client’s lifestyle and uses within the home and garden, and subsequently providing a design that is light, bright, and perfectly suited to the client. At the design concept stage, you will be provided with site plans, floor plans, elevations, and 3D representations.

koPLAN will prepare a package of presentation drawings for planning application purposes. The drawings for planning application purposes describe the scope of works and relevant visible finishes and site conditions. koPLAN work alongside the town planner in your local council to see the project progress as quickly and efficiently as possible. With koPLAN’s experience with town planning developments, they will provide the required written report for the proposal that is a detailed document outlining how the development meets all the state and local planning framework and schemes.
Where planning application is unnecessary, presentation drawings will be sent to the client containing a package including a complete set of plans and multiple 3D views, which will show you every aspect of the proposed works, so that you have a clear visual understanding of the proposed build.

If you would like to see your home come to life before anything has hit the ground, we can provide a 3D visualization package that allows you to see every angle of the home, along with fly around visuals and internal walk throughs.

koPLAN prepare working drawings which are required for the construction of the project and are to be used by the builder and other trades to effectively carry out the project professionally and with maximum efficiency. The working drawings thoroughly detail all structural aspects and many requirements deemed to comply with the provisions of the National Construction Code of Australia. The drawings provide details of all doors, windows, floors, footings, floor construction, wall construction, roof construction, dimensions, site works and also detail specific connections or construction techniques.

koPLAN offers tailored landscape plans designed to enhance the site and its surrounding environment. Our team's expertise in horticulture and landscape design ensures that your home's functionality is improved through strategic vegetation and planting. Our plans are carefully crafted to provide optimal shade in the summer and solar passivity in the winter, promoting year-round performance for your home.
In addition, landscape design plays a crucial role in town planning applications. KoPLAN understands the importance of meeting council regulations and requirements, as well as navigating vegetation and landscape overlays within state and local planning schemes. Trust KoPLAN to deliver comprehensive landscape plans that align with industry standards and enhance the beauty and functionality of your property.