koPLAN Building and Landscape Design is a new business created by husband and wife team Sebastien and Rebecca Koplick, located in the Noosa Hinterlands on the Sunshine Coast.

Rebecca is a registered building designer and has over 20 years’ experience in the building design industry. Sebastien is a landscape designer/constructor and horticulturalist and has over 20 years’ experience in the landscape and building industry. Together their knowledge provides a holistic approach to the design and development of the property, where the buildings and landscape are designed to work together in unison, complementing each other both aesthetically and for the energy efficiency of the building.

As their experience and knowledge is grounded in solar passive design principles, they strive to design energy efficient, affordable, impressive homes. koPLAN understand that being physically close to your surrounding natural environment can lead to many psychological benefits, thus they pride themselves on being able to design both the home and landscape comprehensively.

koPLAN encourage their clients to think quality, not quantity. A modest size home not only offers better energy efficiency, but it also encourages people within the home to be connected.   

Building a strong relationship with the client is essential in the process of understanding and relaying their needs into the design. We establish this from the initial meeting, making the design process an exciting experience for both client and designer.