The Earlshall

This design is one of our coastal beach house projects. Whilst the brief consisted of many components to design a large home for multiple uses and occupants, one aspect could not be compromised - the view!
This stunning location looks out over the ocean and has over 180 degree views.
The tones and materials reflect the surrounding coastline, there's even hints of pink granite in the brickwork, which was once quarried across the bay.
The pool sits in a protected courtyard, sheltered by the building from the south west winds, the design itself has created a perfect sub-climate for the space.
The small overhang over the lower floor wall of glass allows for external mechanical blinds to roll down when the sun gets low in the sky, shading the glass before the heat can enter the building. There are many high quality materials used to help this large home gain high energy efficiency.
We are looking forward to presenting the final renders with the landscape design completed.